J.B. Horton Photography is, as the name says, a one person operation

As such there is no compromise on quality.

It meets my standards or it does not post or leave here.

Every post and every print is the best I know how to make period.

I will add galleries from time to time and they also must meet those standards.

All the work you see on this site is for sale.

Leave me a message, on my “Contact Jerry” page, with the name of the print and size requested for pricing.

I will let you know if the size works and the price

All work over 16 x 20 is part of a 250 print EDITION, it comes with a edition number and a “CERTIFICATE of Authenticity”.

Or just stop by and view the work, I hope you enjoy it

I would also welcome any comments or questions you may have.


OK a little more: