The republicans have given 2 trillion dollars to the corporations of America, to enable growth of the U.S. economy. Really?

What do we have to show for it so far, economic growth is about the same as the Obama years, stock market is blazing, of course if you have 2 trillion dollars to invest why wouldn’t it, corporations have bought back a lot of stock and made millions more that way. 

For you and I not so much, we are seeing higher prices due to fewer workers to pick food stuffs and higher prices due to tariffs. However the tariffs will pay for the 2 trillion dollars we gave to the corporations so we, the U.S. consumer and taxpayer, will be charged twice.

Would there have been a better way to do this?

I’m not a genius and many say not stable in anyway at all but I think so.


The 2 trillion should have been given to the U.S. consumer.


If they buy a item that is grown or at least 70% manufactured in the U.S. 3 times the local taxes normally collected would be deducted on the spot until the 2 trillion is used up. In the case of food it would be the amount based on what you would pay in taxes if it was a non food item. Everyone regardless of their income bracket would benefit as per their spending habits. As would the local communities due to people being able to spend more and in return more local taxs collected. The taxes would still be paid but refunded via the 2 trillion dollar refund.

This would work its way up the distribution chain to the same people who now have it but would provide much more benefit to everyone living in the U.S..

It would provide incentives for owners to explore ways to produce more of their product in the U.S. and to start more production facilities here. No trade war needed.


Oh yes intellectual property you say.  Why are we, the working class, paying to fix a problem that the businesses brought about themselves? Who has more lawyers then U.S. corporations? So if these lawyers are worth what they are getting paid they must have known this would be the end result of what they were agreeing to. They agreed to it to get market share in China. Now with a trade war they want the U.S. consumer to pay to get them out of the jam they got themselves into. So I say no trade wars let them earn their money and figure out how to fix it themselves. After all we gave them 2 trillion dollars.

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