Some candidates are endorsing a form of socialism as the answer to our economic divide. Others point out that it has not worked in the past and is based on thinking from the 1920 and 30s. It is known that in order to work it would require much more control and oversight by government then we now have and could be manipulated by those who control the process much more easily. Could you see Donald Trump as President of a socialist system in the U.S. and how that would play right into his agenda. 

Is this something we want or can even persuade enough politicians to endorse to allow it to work?  The short answer is no.

What then will bridge the gap and allow us to level the playing field? 

I do not think there is any legal way to bridge the gap, however—

The thinkers of this generation have a concept that is rapidly being taking over and modified by businesses today for their own agendas. However if done right could be combined with concepts of capitalism to do just that, level the playing field.

That is the sharing economy.

Today some companies are using the concept to take advantage of workers however that can be easily changed.

Combine that with the concepts of the mutual funds market and we have a working system that combines Shared Economy and economic security for all who chose to partake.

How can this work you ask? Its actually simpler then one may think. It does not require government to control our lives and in fact may give us, the citizens of the United States, more control over the government.

To start with we must change our concept of why a business is in operation. From to grow and make the owners, stock holders, as much as possible to make a living and provide a path for future gains while allowing those who work to have life that they can live as they wish.

First we start small businesses that are owned by the workers, set parameters on how much they want to work and earn. Next we find people who are qualified to manage such businesses and contract with them to perform the upper level management duties. They could provide this service for more then one business at a time as lone as they provided resonable service.

After the businesses are established a limit would be set on take home pay, say to max out at maybe $75,000. The rest would be disbursed via a 501c3 or such into the local community for increments desired by the members. It also allows a return to locals for patronage of the business. It would also migrate most of the workers tax and they would have a say so in how they were spent.

In return for the assistance and to insure that no-one is left without an income or retirement the business would pay maybe 30% of their profits to a central body, of that 10% would go to management, 10% to reinvest in starting new businesses and 10% to be distributed to anyone who was a member when the papers were sighed to start the business in question.This allows an increases in income without forcing the business to expand.

As for the 10% distributed a cap could be maybe $150,000, it would take time for this level to be reached, and the rest be disbursed via a 501c3 or such into a national and international fund as per the wishes of the workers.

I’m not saying this would be easy to establish or have work but it is a viable alternative to Socialism.